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Long story short

Gravitron name originated from the idea that in today’s dynamic technology world one need to innovate consistently, look for new flexible solutions and insights without expensive licensed solutions, to support the business. Competition is tough these days and what worked in the past may not work in future.

We believe creative organizations are agiler and constant improvements and innovations help to gain insights into the new opportunities.

Gravitron Solutions is Prague-based Web Application Development, E-commerce Solutions, Business Intelligence & Data Integration & Machine Learning company having 8+ years of experience with designing and implementing custom made solution across the different business sectors. We help our clients to build the right technology architecture and improve their decision making through the intelligent use of data.

We always take into account the capabilities of our clients and the needs of their customers in all our activities. As we approach the final stage of implementation, we continually evaluate and review the solution. Our goal is to provide modern and tangible strategic solutions.

The result: new, innovative growth paths that are based on business viability and market requirements.

Although technology plays an important role in our work, people are the key to success. We don’t pigeonhole into specialties, but rather look for individuals who want to become hands-on, expert-level professionals in all areas Solution Design & Business Intelligence & Analytics and have strong leadership, business, and communication skills.

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Prague, Czech Republic